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Start date
Apr 2, 2023
Start time
58 laps


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The main goal of "More Cars" is to connect as much car related data as possible. The numbers below show how much information the community has already collected for the Racing Event Session "Race".

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1st place 1st place
Race Result
Position: 1st
Driver Name: Max Verstappen
Race Time: PT2H32M38.371S
Points: 25
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2nd place 2nd place
Race Result
Position: 2nd
Driver Name: Lewis Hamilton
Race Time: PT2H32M38.55S
Points: 18
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3rd place 3rd place
Race Result
Position: 3rd
Driver Name: Fernando Alonso
Race Time: PT2H32M39.14S
Points: 15
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4th place 4th place
Race Result
Position: 4th
Driver Name: Lance Stroll
Race Time: PT2H32M41.453S
Points: 12
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5th place 5th place
Race Result
Position: 5th
Driver Name: Sergio Perez
Race Time: PT2H32M41.691S
Points: 11
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6th place 6th place
Race Result
Position: 6th
Driver Name: Lando Norris
Race Time: PT2H32M42.072S
Points: 8
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7th place 7th place
Race Result
Position: 7th
Driver Name: Nico Hulkenberg
Race Time: PT2H32M43.31S
Points: 6
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8th place 8th place
Race Result
Position: 8th
Driver Name: Oscar Piastri
Race Time: PT2H32M43.753S
Points: 4
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9th place 9th place
Race Result
Position: 9th
Driver Name: Zhou Guanyu
Race Time: PT2H32M44.084S
Points: 2
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10th place 10th place
Race Result
Position: 10th
Driver Name: Yuki Tsunoda
Race Time: PT2H32M44.423S
Points: 1
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11th place 11th place
Race Result
Position: 11th
Driver Name: Valtteri Bottas
Race Time: PT2H32M44.884S
Points: 0
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12th place 12th place
Race Result
Position: 12th
Driver Name: Carlos Sainz
Race Time: PT2H32M44.965S
Points: 0
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Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2023 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2023
Racing Event
Racing Series: Formula 1
Race Track: Albert Park Circuit
Start: Mar 31, 2023
End: Apr 2, 2023
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Race Highlights | 2023 Australian Grand Prix Race Highlights | 2023 Australian Grand Prix
Creator: FORMULA 1
Duration: 8m 15s
Connected nodes: 1
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